My mom bought me this pattern about a year and a half ago. My skin is very sensitive to the sun and I wear sun hats all summer.  She thought it would be nice to make my own.    I found some fun butterfly (I love butterflies) fabric that looked like a curtain in progress at half price day at the GoodWill which I paid about $2 for. I found some nylon butterflies at the dollar store that were meant for flower arrangements and decor.  It took me a little while to determine how I was going to attach them to the hat.   Then I remembered that I had a bunch of pin backs. So I just wired the butterflies to a pin back and pinned it to the hat. 

The pattern was very easy to put together and the instructions were clear.  It uses duck cloth for the lining so the brim is sturdy. I only used two layers of duck cloth ( the instructions said three) as I had bought a remnant and did not have enough for three. It seems to have worked OK though. Not  as sturdy as some but enough. I like my hats a little floppy anyway.


Here is a photo of how my final hat looks, being modeled by one of  my living room lamps: 


I put on some weight in the past year and I desperately need clothes that fit but I want them cheap as I am attempting to get back in shape.  I made a pair of pants today from a brown fabric, not really sure what it is. It looks like a corduroy with a wide wail.  It was on the clearance shelf at JoAnns for like $3/per yard so the fabric fit the bill. I used Simplicity 2372. I bought the pattern because I likes the style of the shirt and dress but I made the pants first out of need. They were very easy to make. I always seem to get a good fit with Simplicity also.  I cut the 18 which is the size I currently wear and they fit well.  The only thing I do not like is it uses 1/2″ wide elastic.    It seems very narrow to me.  But they went together quickly and will make a great wardrobe for me.  I am thinking of making a dress from this pattern again.

I know three people who are having or have had babies/grandbabies in a two week time period. I may work on a few baby bibs next and then some birthday gifts for my sisters and niece.

I am going to try to focus on my health this week. I plan on making it to the gym 3 times!  Have a great Monday!

I have not been blogging for several reasons. I had been studying for my PHR exam since October and took the exam this past Monday (I passed).  So most of my free time was taken up with studying.  This is a goal I have had in my professional life for a few years and I am proud to finally accomplish it!

I did some sewing for gifts over the holidays.  I have been making “Hold Anything” bags from a cute pattern if found in this book.  I made a few for a brunch I had in November and they were so simple, I made seven to fill and give as gifts over the holidays.

I made a few more for a League of Women Voter’s event I have next Saturday. Here are my most current versions:


I plan to fill with with either some small gift or plants to use for the Chinese Auction we are having.  I used Heat and Bond for the appliques.  It was a fun project and they go together quickly.

I have some fabric cut out for some pants which I desparately need.   I am glad that I took some time to sew. I am really pleased with how these came out! 

My word for the year is confidence and I plan on going into everything I do with a positive attitude.  I am grateful that I have been so successful and I have had the confidence and support to accomplish everything I have. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

I have not done much sewing. I went shopping last weekend and bought some fabric for some pants (I need black pants badly) but I had things going on every evening this week and just did not have time.  Today was my only really free day and I had a horrible migraine all day, so needless to say none today.   But I do hope to get one pair of pants at least cut out this week.

I work in Human Resources and I am currently taking a class to so I can test for my PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification. I have worked in HR for almost 10 years and taking this class makes me feel like I don’t know anything.   We are using the SHRM Learning System. It is almost like a college course, but well worth it if it will help me pass the exam. 

This will be more of an addition to my gratitude journal. I am grateful that my headache is gone, that I got a raise at work this passed week. I am very grateful that I have such a good job with a great company.  Not everyone can say that. 

Hopefully, I will have more sewing and more pictures soon!

I have been busy. I have done some sewing.  I am not a great photographer so I only have a few photos.  I finished the Valerie’s Top .  I finally figured out how to make the collar look decent. I was using a ribbed knit so that may have accounted for some of the problems with it. It may need a thinner fabric to look correct but mine came out OK.

Today I wanted a new tote bag so I made one out of a denim skirt that I got at the GoodWill about six months ago.  This is the before:

I trimmed off the bottom to use as the handles then I took a scrap of some bright floral fabric I had an used it as a lining. I made it very quickly so I did not measure anything.  I had to “pleat”  the top of the lining as it is narrower at the top than the bottom.  

I made a small gusset at the bottom and then I sewed the handles to each side and tied them to make a shoulder strap! 

It was a lot of fun and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it! 


We are certainly seeing the signs of fall here in NorthEast Ohio.  First, I just noticed all the leaves are red on my neighbors tree.  It is pretty!  I do love the change of seasons that we get in Ohio!

We bottled our wine today.  94 bottles!  Another sure sign of fall. We need to bottle last years wine in order to make room for the new juice we plan to pick up in  a week or so.  Here  is a picture: 

This is a picture of the wine we bottled this time last year but it looks essentially the same this year so I figured why take another picture.  We buy our juice at Debonne Vineyards.  This year we bottled Niagara, DeChaunec and Riesling.  We mixed half of the Niagara and DeChaunec and made a great rose.  Now to just wait until it ages enough to drink it.  That is the hardest part!

I did some sewing yesterday.  I an currently working on Silhouette Patterns #175, Valerie’s Top.  

I got a little hung up on the collar and I had to rip out the gathering but I think I figured it out. If I was not too tired after 7 hours of bottling wine, I would have worked on it more today. But I should be able to work on it a few evenings this week. I have to say, the pattern is very easy so far and it looks like the fit will be great.  We will see in a few days.

I really love this time of year. When you live in Ohio, you really cannot complain about the change in seasons.  It’s all apart of life. I enjoy it and I am grateful I can appreciate it! 

What is your favorite time of the year?

I finished a jacket today. I bought some vintage linen fabric on eBay and made a sleeveless jacket that I can wear in summer and with a long sleeve shirt in the fall.  I will try to take a picture of it tomorrow.  It was much easier to sew then I thought.   I think it has really sparked some passion for sewing.  I also made an infinity scarf.  I saw an example on Sewing with Nancy last weekend. My version is black stretch velvet.  I will also try to get a picture up tomorrow.  I bought several dresses at half price day at Goodwill and used the stretch velvet to make the scarf. One side is plain black, the other black with silver butterflies.  It came out great and was so quick and easy to make.  I will definately use this technique for some Christmas gifts this year.

My next project I think it to applique some tan canvas with flowers to recover my old kitchen chairs.

I almost finished my skirt. I attached the lining to the skirt, sewed the casing and put in the elastic…then I tried it on!!!  It is a little tight… Not really wearable right now.  But that gives me a goal as 10 lbs should do it so I am motivated since I really love the skirt. I did not hem it yet as I will do this when I can fit into it. I always need something as a reward and finishing the skirt will be my reward for focusing on better eating and exercise habits.  I will post a pictured when I have it complete.

I was cleaning up my sewing and craft room today. Well, my soon to be sewing and craft room. It is the room in the house that gets everything that has nowhere else to go. Since I have started sewing more, my Mom is giving me an old sewing table she has so I am trying to organize it. Anyway, I have had this couch slip cover taking up tons of space in the room for so long. I contemplated throwing it out.  But it is tan duck cloth/canvas. Very sturdy. I had used a small part of it to make a hat for a scarcrow costume last year but there is still most of it left.  Then a thought occurred to me. I can use it to recover the seats of my kitchen chairs.

I have had these chairs for about 14 years and my sister had them before that, so they have not been recovered for probably 20 years. And they desparately need it. I do not want to spend a ton of money when I know I can do it myself. Also, fabric is so expensive.

So I spent a while this afternoon using my seam ripper to remove the ruffle and the elastic (with the help of my cat Addie) and I took it apart. There is plenty of fabric to cover my chairs.  I want to see if I can dye the fabric or add some bling for some color so this will be a project for the fall. 

Here is a picture of Addie’s approval of the fabric:

As you can see, I was also able to save yards of elastic that is still in really good shape.  Now, I just have to decide the color for the fabric!!! Too fun!

I had a great, productive weekend!

Well, it’s almost Friday. I only have to work half a day tomorrow the second half of the day is our company picnic!  Whoo Hoo!

I won a free dress pattern today. Thank you Lisette.  It is a really nice dress pattern so once I finish the skirt I am making (which I hope will be Sunday), I need to start thinking of what fabric I would like for that dress.  I have really starting wearing more skirts and dresses vs. pants.  I am not sure why but who cares, its fun! 

About a mile from my house is an outdoor amphitheatre where they hold concerts with tribute bands in the summer.  It’s called River Rock at the Amp.    Saturday is a band called “Wish You Were Here”  Obviously, a Pink Floyd cover band. We saw them last year and plan to go this weekend.  It is always a great time and cheap too!  It should be a fun weekend.

I will post when I have more sewing projects done!

My mother bought me this pattern about a year and a half ago and I finally cut it out last week. Simplicity 4138. Here is the link to pattern reveiw:

When I bought the fabric  last year, I did not know which view I was going to make so I bought enough fabric to include a flounce or ruffle. Well, I decided on view F which is the plain middle length view.  It called for 2 yards of fabric and since it was sheer, I bought two yards of lining fabric also.  I began to get frustrated when I could not get all the pieces I needed out of the lining fabric.  It just did not make sense!  I must have looked at those pattern pieces for 20 minutes trying to figure it out.  So I preceded to sew the skirt and stopped and bought more lining fabric on the way home from work yesterday.

So today I cut out the two remaining pieces and as I am marking the fabric before I removed the pattern pieces, I realized that I was cutting view H (the longest view) all along!  No wonder I did not have enough lining fabric.  Duh!!! I amazes me that I got that far along in the process and just realized that I cut the longer length.

This is not a problem as the fabric is yellow with browns and rust and will look good in the fall with a jacket and boots.  It will work for the remaining of summer with sandels and a tank. I have to finish the waistline and hem it so I should have it done in a few days.

This is a very easy pattern by the way. At least the plain version is.  I have only done very basic sewing and since this was sheer, I used French seams for the first time. I really like them. I think that next spring Iwill make view C with the ruffles.

On another note, I made it to the gym today.  My goal is three times this week.  I hope everyone has a great Wednesday tomorrow and have fun in everything you do!