Have you ever been driving on the freeway and thought about hitting a tree to see if you would die and see Heaven? You have heard accounts of those who have died and seen Heaven in some form.  And does anyone see Hell and come back?  Noone has written a book about that! At least not that I am aware of.  Has anyone died, seen Hell and returned to live life? Have they lived life any differently,  like those who have seen Heaven often do? 

I have thought about this.  Not that I would seriously crash my car to see what happens. I am not that crazy!  I just wonder what path God would chose for me. 

This ideas makes me think of how I can live differently today. What if I did die in a accident on the way home?  Goodness, my family would have to clean my house!  I cannot leave that to them!  All joking aside…I should try to keep this in mind as I make my choices everyday.  How can I live differently not only to make my life better but to make life better for someone else?  What about you?  How can you live differently?