Gratitude today comes from spending a great day with my family.  A sewing group my mother belongs to had their annual meeting and I went with her and my middle sister.  We had such a fun time. I treated myself to a purse and bought some birthday gifts for my co worker’s.  It was a fun, relaxing morning with  no worries.

I am also grateful for my health. I know I said this the other day but I am grateful for it everyday.  One of the women at the group has a grown daughter with ALS. They had previously had a fundraiser for her and she was thanking everyone for their help. The daughter with ALS was there and they explained how they were going to use the funds to buy her a device that she could text into that would talk/speak for her since she no longer had the ability to speak.  That must be so frustating for her.  I hope that if God chooses to give me a debilitating disease that he gives me the strength he gives everyone else. I looked at her and thought I could never do that.

My sister brought me an early birthday gift.  A giftcard to my favorite clothing store and some of my favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s.  Edamame Crackers…

The rest of the day I spent working on some crafts and washing the dishes. I am grateful for relaxing, stress free days.