I have to get up early in the morning so I need to make this quick. 

I spilled nail polish remover and there is this overhwhelming smell in my living room. Not that it has anything to do with my gratitude journal but it is really bothering me.

OK, I am happy that my boyfriend made it home from Columbus. Not that I was worried but anything can happen at any time and I am really happy he is home.

I am grateful he is in my life.  We have been together almost 15 years and he is still opening doors and all that stuff… I love him and am fortunate to have such a great man in my life.

The video store where we rent our movies is closing. A little explanation but we are simple…we do not pay for TV so we have not cable or satelitte or digital or anything.  So the video store closing is a major thing for my boyfriend.  We will check into Netflix but he will have a hard time.

Not sure why I put the movie thing on my gratitude list but I suppose it will teach me something.

Have a great Monday tomorrow Everyone!