I don’t know if I have mentioned in previous blogs that I am working to balance good eating habits and exercise.  At 41, I really need to take control of my health.  This is part of my try it again…I always seem to be trying to lose weight, trying to improve my exercise.  I joined a challenge group to do Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred. We are on day 14 and I have done it every day but 3. I moved up to level 2 today to give myself more of a challenge.  Here is a link to the website if you are interested   http://www.celebrateweightloss.com/

I am so grateful for the internet that provides us with so much information and support on so many topics.   It has certainly helped me stay motivated and accountable. 

My boyfriend sold a house he owned in Columbus. I will not go into the entire long story leading up the sale of the house but it sold after being on the market for only 6 weeks.  We are so happy.  Closing date is the last Friday in May and then we are out from under it.  We will be free of a lot of burdens.   I think this year we can enjoy our summer. 

I will get up early tomorrow and exercise and then begin my week toward health and wellness.

I am really learning to appreciate life every day.