I did some more sewing this weekend. I finished a purse that I made out of old jeans with butterflys embroidered on them and a lunch bag using this wonderful tutorial:  http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/2008/03/lunchbox-inspir.html

I do not have pictures right now but I will try to get them uploaded later.  The stitching on the purse is less than perfect so I don’t want to show it off too much.

Planning on making Piccililli relish this weekend and maybe canning some sweet hot peppers. 

Oh, and we make our own wine.  We racked it last weekend and should be able to bottle in September.  Here is a photo of last years “vintage.”

We reuse wine bottles. I cannot remember how many bottles we had.  I think like…96.  I really enjoy having a “wine cellar.”  We are not experts by any means but I am enjoying the “tasting and testing.”   We are making a reisling, Niagara and a red called DeChaunac. 

Good night, and Later!!!!