I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thrift stores and consignment shops.  From purses, to shoes, to skirts and coats and fun wine glasses.   I love to find second hand treasures CHEAP!   The last Friday of every month is 1/2 price day at our local Goodwill and it is like heaven.  I plan on going on my way home from work this Friday to see what treasures I can find!  I went to a consignment shop on my way home and found a cute pink coat with small white polka dots.   It is long but meant to be worn and a jacket with clothes.  I wanted to post a picture but it was hard to take picture of it on the hanger and I don’t have anything to wear with it.  I am thinking of making a white tank dress for next spring that would go great with it!  I also found a darling scarf.    And the prices..!!!!  I am telling you, if you have not tried second-hand clothing stores or thrift stores, visit the closest one today!  You may be surprised the amazing stuff you can find.    Good luck and happy bargain hunting.