I almost finished my skirt. I attached the lining to the skirt, sewed the casing and put in the elastic…then I tried it on!!!  It is a little tight… Not really wearable right now.  But that gives me a goal as 10 lbs should do it so I am motivated since I really love the skirt. I did not hem it yet as I will do this when I can fit into it. I always need something as a reward and finishing the skirt will be my reward for focusing on better eating and exercise habits.  I will post a pictured when I have it complete.

I was cleaning up my sewing and craft room today. Well, my soon to be sewing and craft room. It is the room in the house that gets everything that has nowhere else to go. Since I have started sewing more, my Mom is giving me an old sewing table she has so I am trying to organize it. Anyway, I have had this couch slip cover taking up tons of space in the room for so long. I contemplated throwing it out.  But it is tan duck cloth/canvas. Very sturdy. I had used a small part of it to make a hat for a scarcrow costume last year but there is still most of it left.  Then a thought occurred to me. I can use it to recover the seats of my kitchen chairs.

I have had these chairs for about 14 years and my sister had them before that, so they have not been recovered for probably 20 years. And they desparately need it. I do not want to spend a ton of money when I know I can do it myself. Also, fabric is so expensive.

So I spent a while this afternoon using my seam ripper to remove the ruffle and the elastic (with the help of my cat Addie) and I took it apart. There is plenty of fabric to cover my chairs.  I want to see if I can dye the fabric or add some bling for some color so this will be a project for the fall. 

Here is a picture of Addie’s approval of the fabric:

As you can see, I was also able to save yards of elastic that is still in really good shape.  Now, I just have to decide the color for the fabric!!! Too fun!

I had a great, productive weekend!