I have been busy. I have done some sewing.  I am not a great photographer so I only have a few photos.  I finished the Valerie’s Top .  I finally figured out how to make the collar look decent. I was using a ribbed knit so that may have accounted for some of the problems with it. It may need a thinner fabric to look correct but mine came out OK.

Today I wanted a new tote bag so I made one out of a denim skirt that I got at the GoodWill about six months ago.  This is the before:

I trimmed off the bottom to use as the handles then I took a scrap of some bright floral fabric I had an used it as a lining. I made it very quickly so I did not measure anything.  I had to “pleat”  the top of the lining as it is narrower at the top than the bottom.  

I made a small gusset at the bottom and then I sewed the handles to each side and tied them to make a shoulder strap! 

It was a lot of fun and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it!