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I have not been blogging for several reasons. I had been studying for my PHR exam since October and took the exam this past Monday (I passed).  So most of my free time was taken up with studying.  This is a goal I have had in my professional life for a few years and I am proud to finally accomplish it!

I did some sewing for gifts over the holidays.  I have been making “Hold Anything” bags from a cute pattern if found in this book.  I made a few for a brunch I had in November and they were so simple, I made seven to fill and give as gifts over the holidays.

I made a few more for a League of Women Voter’s event I have next Saturday. Here are my most current versions:


I plan to fill with with either some small gift or plants to use for the Chinese Auction we are having.  I used Heat and Bond for the appliques.  It was a fun project and they go together quickly.

I have some fabric cut out for some pants which I desparately need.   I am glad that I took some time to sew. I am really pleased with how these came out! 

My word for the year is confidence and I plan on going into everything I do with a positive attitude.  I am grateful that I have been so successful and I have had the confidence and support to accomplish everything I have. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


I have not done much sewing. I went shopping last weekend and bought some fabric for some pants (I need black pants badly) but I had things going on every evening this week and just did not have time.  Today was my only really free day and I had a horrible migraine all day, so needless to say none today.   But I do hope to get one pair of pants at least cut out this week.

I work in Human Resources and I am currently taking a class to so I can test for my PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification. I have worked in HR for almost 10 years and taking this class makes me feel like I don’t know anything.   We are using the SHRM Learning System. It is almost like a college course, but well worth it if it will help me pass the exam. 

This will be more of an addition to my gratitude journal. I am grateful that my headache is gone, that I got a raise at work this passed week. I am very grateful that I have such a good job with a great company.  Not everyone can say that. 

Hopefully, I will have more sewing and more pictures soon!