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I finished a jacket today. I bought some vintage linen fabric on eBay and made a sleeveless jacket that I can wear in summer and with a long sleeve shirt in the fall.  I will try to take a picture of it tomorrow.  It was much easier to sew then I thought.   I think it has really sparked some passion for sewing.  I also made an infinity scarf.  I saw an example on Sewing with Nancy last weekend. My version is black stretch velvet.  I will also try to get a picture up tomorrow.  I bought several dresses at half price day at Goodwill and used the stretch velvet to make the scarf. One side is plain black, the other black with silver butterflies.  It came out great and was so quick and easy to make.  I will definately use this technique for some Christmas gifts this year.

My next project I think it to applique some tan canvas with flowers to recover my old kitchen chairs.


Today is my birthday.  My 41st birthday to be exact.  I am grateful that I am healthy and successful. I was at the bank today opening a checking account and had far more money in my savings account than I realized. I am grateful that I am financially sound.

Today was a beautiful day in NorthEast Ohio.  Sunny, 78 degrees. I scheduled a day off today so I had the whole day to have fun. It was great.  We made lemon chicken on the grill, sweet potato fries and I am enjoying a glass of reisling right now! I am grateful that I can appreciate my birthday and not be upset or depressed that I am getting older.

Tomorrow we are going to an Elton John concert.  What a great weekend!

I am looking forward to two really great days, many more in fact. Tomorrow is my birthday and I have the day off work so I got a few gifts, some cards and many well wishes at works today. It was so nice.  I am grateful that I have such a great place to work and great friends who appreciate what I do.

My boyfriend is selling a house he owns in Columbus and we are in process of dealing with the offer after the inspection. Who would’ve thought a few nuts and bolts would provide so much aggrevation.  But it is all worth it.  We are almost there. I am grateful that we have patience and a great agent to help us through.

The weather was fantastic today. I realize that may not be something to be too thankful for but it is.   There is just something special about seeing the sun shine!  All in all it was a great day and I am looking forward to another great day tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Friday, God Bless and Be Grateful!

I had a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping plus two gift cards to my favorite store so I am in a really great mood.  What should I include in my gratitude journal today?  Besides the good deal on clothes.

I seem to be beginning to repeat my thoughts. Not much happens in my life during the week sometimes. 

I am grateful that I made it safely too and from work today. Not that there was anything to be worried about but you never know what it going to happen on the freeway.

I am glad that I have a good relationship with my family. I have heard severals stories from coworkers or friends lately that are sad.  Family that just does not get along for so many silly reasons. I suppose they don’t think they are silly. Life is too short to not appreciate your family.

I hope to get up early tomorrow. This is part of my goal to start working out before work. I figure if I get up earlier for 4 or 5 days, I will be used to it and when I get up early to exercise it will not be as hard.  Wish me luck!

I had a good day today with my self confidence so I am grateful that I have the confidence in myself that I do. I never used to and it is nice to be able to lead a group or do my job and be confident in it.

I have really been slacking in my eating and have put on weight. I am going to begin working out again and I am grateful that m body works in everyway in order to keep myself healthy. Now I just need to keep my brain in gear so I eat right. 

Aside from the usual that I am grateful for being alive, that is all I have for tonight.   Have  great day tomorrow!

I have to get up early in the morning so I need to make this quick. 

I spilled nail polish remover and there is this overhwhelming smell in my living room. Not that it has anything to do with my gratitude journal but it is really bothering me.

OK, I am happy that my boyfriend made it home from Columbus. Not that I was worried but anything can happen at any time and I am really happy he is home.

I am grateful he is in my life.  We have been together almost 15 years and he is still opening doors and all that stuff… I love him and am fortunate to have such a great man in my life.

The video store where we rent our movies is closing. A little explanation but we are simple…we do not pay for TV so we have not cable or satelitte or digital or anything.  So the video store closing is a major thing for my boyfriend.  We will check into Netflix but he will have a hard time.

Not sure why I put the movie thing on my gratitude list but I suppose it will teach me something.

Have a great Monday tomorrow Everyone!

I have decided to refocus my blog. Since I have only posted a few times, this should not be a problem!!! I was at an HR Conference and one of the speakers talked about keeping a “Gratitude Journal.” Each day you write down 3 or 5 things that happened in the last 24 hours that you are grateful for. I have decided to give it a try. And what better place than a blog. So here goes:

1. I worked hard at my job and got a lot accomplished. I felt good when I left for the day.
2. I made excuses and did not go to the gym. Why am I grateful for that??? Well, it will make me that much more motivated to stay on track tomorrow and get my cardio in.
3. I am blessed that I am healthy and my family is healthy. Many of the people I work with have had multiple funerals of friends or family lately. It makes me sad that they are sad.

Well…I guess this is a good start. Be Happy!

Ok so I haven’t really been focusing on outside the box this week.  I have had a busy week personally and I am just trying to keep focus on what needs to be done.  I did find this great product at Trader Joe’s this week. Actually, my sister turned me onto them.  They are edamame crackers.  Yummy and healthy at the same time!  I try to snack differently when I can. I love chips and they are so fattening and unhealthy so I am glad to find tasty chip like snacks that can keep me munching.  I guess that is a little outside the box!  Enjoy your day and I hope to continue to improve my blog.


Ok, so I wanted to make pancakes but I did not have any eggs.  Easy enough, Janice, just go to the store. It is just around the corner?  But, since I am thinking outside the box and I really did not feel like getting out of my jammies to go to the store, I decided to check the internet.  I found out that among other things, including applesauce and leaving the egg out all together, flaxseed can be used as a substitute for eggs.  I have flaxseed!

You simply grind 3 tablespoons of flaxseeds and whisk into boiling water.  Let it stand for 5 mins and use.  It worked like a charm!  Whouda thought?  Here is the recipe idea I used for Pumpkin Pancakes.  It is from one of my favorite websites for eating healthy.   Warning…they are whole grain and healthy so all you traditional pancake lovers don’t look…

So that is just my small way of thinking outside the box.  I realize not a biggy but if I do something outside the box each day, I know it will improve my life.  Now, I’m going to brush my teeth with my left hand 🙂  Happy Monday!

I will keep my first post short as I am new to blogging and want to focus on building this site. 

My goal is to begin to think outside the box or try things differently.  Become more creative in my life. Even if it is just small everyday things.  I plan to share my journey here.  I hope you will come along.